Article written by Kendra Beltran

Every time the calendar reaches a new season, you should treat yourself to a cascade of new goodies, right? The answer to that is always an astounding YES. This is why we’re here to highlight some new and amazing Andrew Christian merchandise that should go to a good home like yourself. So take a look, grab that wallet, and treat yourself for being wonderful!

MASSIVE Sparkle Singlet
Shimmer and shine in this MASSIVE singlet that offers a little peep show in the back so you can look amazing coming and coming.

FUKR Reflective Mesh Arch Brief
Your mom always told you to label your undies, right? These briefs do the work for you!

Phys. Ed. Varsity Mesh Jock
Almost Naked is giving us the locker room fantasy we never knew we needed with this mesh jock.

Phys. Ed. Varsity Mesh Singlet
Speaking of locker room fantasies...who hasn’t thought once or twice about being on the wrestling team and being pinned down on the mat under a total beefcake?

MASSIVE Sparkle Y-Back Thong
Show off those assets and then some in this industrial-inspired thong from MASSIVE.

Sheer Tiger Tank
Let your wild side take center stage with this sheer, tiger-inspired moment.

Holographic Jogger Shorts
We all know we fall back this time of year. This means that jogging at night, you’re going to want something that reflects not only your ass running across streets but your impeccable fashion sense.

Glam Stripe Harness Singlet
This singlet from Almost Naked screams holiday party eleganza. Well, the parties at the club, and not the office!

California Collection Sweatpants
We all know that grey sweats are a gift to dicks everywhere.

Gay Superhero Brief
Let your geek flag fly high with these briefs that look like they were ripped from a comic book.

Trophy Boy Rainbow Boy Toy
Everyone deserves new toys around the holidays.

Ice Cream Brief
These Almost Naked briefs will give your package that Katy Perry, Candyland, fantasy realness.

Skinny Stretch Jean Shorts
Not everything has to be flashy. You can also rock a basic look in a neutral tone and still be the hottest bitch out there.

Sexy Lace Flirt Jock
However, we 100% support being a little extra and serving a total Cher “If I Could Turn Back Time” moment to the world.

Sexy Lace Bra
That flirty jock about would look amazing with this lace bra, right?

Holographic Pants
Or live out that TLC “No Scrubs” fantasy in these futuristic-looking pants.

FUKR Reflective Mesh Harness
Whether you wear this out or inside while fucking, you’re going to look like a total boss in this mesh harness.

Gay Stars Brief
These Almost Naked briefs let the world know what a star you truly are.

MASSIVE Disco Sheer Legging
When it comes to these leggings it’s not really about if you’ll get them, but how many pairs you’re going to order.

September 24, 2021 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles