Article written by Sam Machado

Celebrating Halloween indoors this year? That's okay, we all are.

Since we're all trapped in lockdown this Halloween, our options are limited on how we can celebrate. If there's some hot guy you've been wanting to fuck this Halloween, but have to keep it virtual, then you gotta make sure you're dressed up!

Here are some naughty costume ideas that will make you look sexy as fuck in a Zoom or FaceTime session. Make sure it looks good before you jerk off together.


This costume doesn't require a shirt. Just add the cowboy hat, some straps, and jeans. Your guy will love seeing a sexy cowboy across the screen who's craving

Big Bad Wolf

All you need is the bear headress with maybe a sexy flannel you can leave unbuttoned. This one could lead to fun roleplay if your boy wants to play the lonely wanderer who finds himself in the face of the sexy wolf.

Dr. Feel-Good

Just a robe. Literally nothing else. Might as well have one item of clothing to remove before you get down and dirty. Plus, a single robe screams "I'm ready to fuck!"


No shirts required here either. Just a hat with shorts and a big hose. Or, two big hoses if you catch that drift...

St. Dick

Christmas can cum early this year...a Santa hat is a fun way to celebrate next season. Just bring in the hat with a red coat. You also might as well go bottomless for this virtual fuck. He'll be thoroughly surprised to see his Santa with his cock already out.

October 30, 2020 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles