Article written by Kendra Beltran

This year has been one for the books, but no one could have guessed podcast king, Joe Rogan, would be tapped to host the presidential debates. Then again, who could have ever imagined the host of ‘The Apprentice’ would be president? Now, Rogan isn’t officially going to be asking the big questions to Trump and Joe Biden, but there are rumors he’s Trump’s favorable choice. There are a myriad of other, better, hosts we can name and they all happen to rep the LGBTQ community.

Anderson Cooper

Let’s start with the obvious #1 choice here, CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Here we have a man who has reported everywhere from natural disasters to war zones. There really isn’t anything this notable newsman can’t do, including host a debate. Which he has done before. He’s not a stranger to asking the questions that matter, and being stuck in between people going back and forth - because he does it all the time on CNN whenever he has guests on his show who are on opposing sides. If Cooper gets overlooked for the guy who hosted ‘Fear Factor,’ well...damn.

Rachel Maddow

Okay, Anderson Cooper does have a new baby at home, so maybe he just has too much on his plate and can’t do the debates. So if not him, how about MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow? Another intelligent person we can rely on, she’s a political commentator who is in the know about the issues at hand. Isn’t that what you want from a debate host? Someone who has spent their lives eating and breathing politics? Not just talking about them on a podcast, but actually, being about them?

Don Lemon

We can’t leave this other CNN anchor off our list! This journalist has already been covering Trump and Biden for years, so what’s to say he would not do a fine job at the debates?

Jonathan Van Ness

Okay, so we’ve clearly left the news channels and headed to the streaming realm but we cannot count out ‘Queer Eye’s’ Jonathan Van Ness. Those who follow them know all too well that JVN is as political as one can get. They know the issues, can rattle on about them, and we all know they can host with charisma like no one else. Plus, every chance they got on the latest season of the hit Netflix series, JVN was making statements related to social issues. That’s right, using that platform the right way honey!

Cynthia Nixon

She ain’t just about ‘Sex and the City,’ oh hells no. Cynthia Nixon has proven to be quite the activist since her time on the insanely beloved HBO series. Standing up for education, women’s rights, as well as LGBTQ rights, Nixon isn’t shy about where she stands on the issues at hand and would be a wonderful debate host who’d be able to stand toe to toe with each candidate.

Jim Parsons

Okay, hear me out on this one. When it comes to older people, their minds are a little harder to sway. Your grandpa is voting for who the hell he is voting for and no one can change his mind, so he may feel like he doesn’t need to watch the debates? Same with Boomers. Guess what all those older folks have in common? Being fans of the former CBS hit, ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Oh man, older folks loved the fuck out of those nerds, so why not put the show’s biggest star on the debate stage to get the older viewers to watch and more importantly, listen. See? Bam...I mean, bazinga! For those who are too young to get that. It’s a major catchphrase from Parsons’ character.

Lil Nas X

Okay, love him or hate him - you have got to respect that he made it to the top with one of the most ridiculous songs, ever. Plus, we thought if we’re aiming at older watchers/voters with Jim Parsons, then we can possibly go the opposite way and get the younger voters to watch and take part by having a host that is more their speed. A host that understands social media to the fullest.

Lena Waithe

Have you ever heard Lena Waithe speak? I’m sure you have because the commercials featuring the award winner’s voice are on around the clock. With that, here we have a young, Black, lesbian who would not be shy about asking what Trump and Biden about the likes of LGBTQ issues, as well as Black Lives Matter.

Pearl Liaison

Those who live for ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ know Pearl Liaison has the almost-always-sleepy queen who, after being called out for being a bit lackluster, became a fierce as fuck competitor. Well, since the show we’ve learned that Pearl is anything but lackluster when it comes to social issues. One look at Pearl’s Insta’ and you’ll see just that. Plus, wouldn’t it be wonderful to see that level of representation on the debate stage?

September 24, 2020 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles