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When you need a break from the Zoom life during quarantine, as well as doom-scrolling and reading how bad the world is failing at keeping a disease at bay - tune out the drama swirling outside your door and tune into some podcasts! Not just any podcasts, some LGBTQ podcasts that showcase everything from LGBTQ history to those that are more pop culture-based. No matter what you fancy, there is an LGBTQ podcast out there for you and we are here to share a few that may be your next addiction.

Still Processing

Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham are a couple of queer culture writers for The New York Times. Yeah, they major like that. So when they have something to say about things like television and music, people want to know what the hell their take is. Of course, they don’t just lament on what they like, but also explore what they don’t.

Dead For Filth

Was Michael Myers your first crush? Do you dream of being the ultimate Scream Queen? If so, then you’re probably one of the many who live for a good horror flick, and would just die for this podcast hosted by screenwriter Michael Varrati.


Like we said, this list has podcasts for everyone and they aren’t all centered around entertainment. With ‘Nancy’ listeners get an inside look on the ever-changing world and how it correlates to the LGBTQ community. Not only that, but every conversation between hosts Tobin Low and Kathy Tu takes their audience deeper inside their queer-journeys as well.

Disability After Dark

When Andrew Gurza created the #DisabledPeopleAreHot hashtag, he wasn’t fucking around. He is a sexually active disabled person in the LGBTQ community and he has more than a few words to say about it, and he does. He talks about what it’s like to date and fuck for someone like himself, and is far from shy about sharing details.

Getting Curious

For those who thought ‘Queer Eye’s’ Jonathan Van Ness was just about hair and beauty tips, HA! You were wrong. If anything, Jonathan Van Ness is a powerhouse when it comes to using their platform to inform listeners about the happenings of the world around them. Never afraid to speak their mind about politics, it’s important to hear someone with this type of reach speak about the issues and really put in the work to make sure LGBTQ voices are heard.


Those interested in hearing what an atheist transgender woman has to say about all things LGBTQ and beyond will want to get on board with this podcast that has been dishing out episodes since 2015.


There is absolutely no shortage of podcasts hosted by standup comedians. We have all seen the hoards of straight, white, male comedians with podcasts, so we’d like to highlight one that’s by Cameron Esposito. With her podcast, she just sits down and converses with a new person of the LGBTQ community.

By the Bi

“By the Bi” isn’t shy when it comes to content. This Australian-based podcast doesn’t just explore the world of bisexuality, but also touches on the lives of swingers, those into roughing it with BDSM, and more. It’s a wild, entertaining, and educating podcast for sure.

Making Gay History

There is no denying that when it comes to the history we’re forced to learn in school it is...skewed. It comes from a white, straight, male perspective. With everyone from women and non-white people getting one chapter - if that. LGBTQ history though? I’m pretty sure I didn’t learn about an LGBTQ person in a classroom until college, which is sad as fuck, right? This podcast writes the many wrongs of the educational system by laying out the facts of the LGBTQ community.

July 17, 2020 — Andrew Christian
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