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One of the worst things a job can do is make your body feel less than great. Sitting some eight hours a day? Talk about a tired, flat ass. Not something we want around here! So if you’re in need of a career change and are looking for one that isn’t all about the money, but gives you the chance to work out those ass muscles along the way - then the following physical jobs are for you.

Grocery Store Stocker

If you aren’t a fan of the daytime and prefer a job where you mostly work at night, but also want a chance to have a job that allows you to skip the gym more often than not then stocking at a grocery store is your dream job. It’s not like the entire store is filled with light goods, you’ll be walking around and lifting with those legs to get a number of items on those shelves. All the while, your ass is going to do nothing but benefit.

Dog Walker

For those who want to get outside and take in some vitamin D, why not get a side job walking dogs? Not only are dogs insanely amazing to work with, but they are major dick bait. You can kill two birds with one stone; get a workout in and possibly get some numbers from hotties who want to pet your pooches.

Walking Tour Guide

If you’re unfortunately allergic to dogs but still want to get outside, then look into becoming a walking tour guide. Especially if you live in a city that was built for tourism. Major cities have an abundance of walking tours available that focus on an array of things from history to spooky tales. Either way, you get to be under the sun, social with those on the tour and highlight your city’s best features.


Anyone who has tackled the task of moving on their own, or with at most...a few friends, knows all too well that it takes a toll on the body. So you know that if you had to do that daily, your ass would not only be on point but so would every other part of your body.

Gym Trainer

If there is one obvious choice on this list, this is it. When you work as a gym trainer it’s really hard to not be in good shape. Your body is your resume with this job, so you have to keep it right or you won’t be working long in that industry. This is a great motivator to keep hitting the gym, even when you aren’t on the clock.


If you live by a body of water or a local pool, and know how to swim - get in on this! ‘Baywatch’ taught us that the hottest people always look after those swimming. Don’t you want to be one of them?


On the flip side, coaches don’t always have to be in peak physical shape to do what they do. However, you can be the one that is. Train with those you’re coaching and you’ll never lose that wonderful physique you got going on.


In case you didn’t know, nurses typically work 12-hour shifts. Do you know how much standing, walking, and moving one can do in 12 hours? Exactly. Plus, you’ll be helping people, which is just as rewarding as having an ass to die for.


Speaking of helping people, firefighters are always on the go when there is someone in need. They also have to be in pretty fucking amazing shape to be able to not only move around in about 45lbs worth of gear, but they also have to potentially carry humans out of buildings, scale ladders, rescue cats. That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Physical. Activity.

October 12, 2021 — Andrew Christian
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