Granted, if we were going to make a list of our absolute favorite spots on the human body to touch and be touched, then it would look somewhat differently. That is to say, it would almost entirely be made up of locales in the genital and ass zip codes. But this list is different; these are the "deeper cuts" within the menagerie of homoerotic caress. That's right, here are our top seven non-overtly-sexual touches... that REALLY turn us on.

7. Hands On Lower Thigh

This is one obviously is a delicate balance between overtly sexual and ambiguously intimate. But the soft touch a firm man's hand on your thigh... well, that's enough to send shivers down my spine!

6. Holding Hands

A stroll through the park at dusk, fingers interlaced and palms pressed together. It's cute, it's romantic... and if one hand is bigger than the other and they nestle together perfectly.. that's really hot too!

5. Grabbing Hips (From Behind)

"Hey, babe, what are you up to?", he says as he approaches from behind, hands firmly grabbing onto your thigh, his junk mere inches from your ass. It's enough to get your heart racing!

4. Resting Head on Lap

This one is a classic. There's almost no situation I can think of where I wouldn't prefer to have a handsome boys head cozily resting in my lap. When you look down at his cute face, it's hard not to get ideas...

3. Back Scratching

There's just something about gently running fingernails across my back. It's a total sensory overload and enough to drive a man wild. Just don't scratch too hard... unless you're into that!

2. Shoulder Rubs

After a long day of hard work, every man deserves a shoulder rub by a strong pair of man hands. Squeeze me, daddy!

1. Hugs

Honestly, for us, it's hugs. There's just nothing quite like a big ol' bear hug. Chests, junk, arms--everything is pressed together in a way that just feels like paradise. Once social distancing is over, we can't wait to get out there and do all of these things with you! ;)
June 20, 2020 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles