Article by Ben Haynes

Listen up, bottoms! Trust me when I tell you that I know we put in some serious work when it comes to sex. We don’t always get the credit we deserve for it, but we work hard to get what we want. However, we can’t forget to appreciate the men who give us the fucking we crave. Tops put in some serious work to hit every spot we like, so it’s time to give credit where credit is due. In a previous post, we discussed the best compliments to give a bottom. Now let’s explore some of the best ones to give to the men who choose the top bunk.

1. “That Dick is __________”

The good news is, you can fill in that blank with plenty of words. Words such as “amazing, perfect, huge, too big to fit, throbbing,” are just a few of the right choices. Tops love it when you tell them how much you love their dick, so don’t be shy!

2. “I Might Not Be Able to Walk Now”

Tops go crazy knowing they wore us out. After all, we’ve seen how much sweat some of them produce while they’re fucking us. Topping is a workout in itself, and some tops are completely spent by the time they’re done. Give your top the satisfaction of knowing his work was worth it.

3. “You Really Stretched My Hole”

We don’t talk about appreciating the girth of our tops enough. Sure, we devour the length of it with our eyes, hands, and so much more. But tops love knowing they weren’t just deep inside, but also they stretched your hole to its limits.

4. “Have You Been Working Out?”

Any note you can make of their physical fitness drives them wild. Tops take pride in their physical appearance just as much as bottoms do. If your top is fucking you in any position that gives you a clear view of their body in action, take the opportunity to reach out, touch, caress, grab, and compliment as you do.

5. “You’re Hitting My G-Spot”

If you’re working with a particularly generous top, it’s likely he’s got the skills to find the coveted prostate gland. When treated with some proper TLC, this spot is enough to send any bottom to the stars. If your top has found this with his fingers, fist, dick, or whatever else, be sure to shout him out!

6. “When Can I See You Again?”

Giving your top the cue that not only did he give you everything you needed, but you’d like a “round two” is a huge ego boost. If the chemistry is there and you’re making it clear you’d like repeat visits, or something deeper than just amazing sex, let him know!
May 23, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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